Collage album, coffee table book, story book… all names for the same style of album. And we can create a stunning, personal & unique album just for you!

A collage album has pages that look like a scrapbook, but each page is actually a single photograph with a collage of photos on it. The collages are in chronological order and narrate the story of your wedding day, event or portrait shoot with energy and visual impact.

We create your pages by selecting photographs that complement each other and best tell the story. You will make a list of your favorite images to work with and then the rest is up to him. We use special software, graphic arts, text and a designer’s eye to create a customized album just for you. Then we retouch every image, insuring that you look fabulous! You won’t believe the beauty, energy and emotion that jump off these pages!

Our collage albums come in 2 styles. One is a black library bound album. Handsomely simple with 10x10 pages. We design each page on the computer using from one to eight images per collage. Each collage page is printed on photographic paper and then flush mounted (edge to edge) onto the album, giving it more of a book look than a traditional album. We also offer metallic paper pages with incredible color saturation. They look amazing!

The other is a press printed book. It is much thinner than an album, think coffee table book, and the press printing is not quite as sharp as the photographic printing used in the albums. But the glossy collage on the cover will cry out to be picked up from your coffee table! More modern and portable but still guaranteed to become a family heirloom!

As your photographers we have photographed many small details, moments and emotions. A traditional album holds far less images than a collage album, limiting our storytelling ability. With this album, your big day unfolds in page after magical page. You will take great delight in showing either story book to others!

Deluxe Leather Album with Photographic Pages

Album with 10 pages (approximately 40 images)       $825

Album with 24 pages (approximately 80 images)       $1195.

Album with 40 pages (approximately 120 images)      $1595.

Press Printed Books with a Glossy Photographic Cover

Album with 20 pages $715

Album with 30 page $915

Album with 40 pages $1115

Album with 50 pages $1315

For other family members we offer identical smaller or full size duplicate albums at a discounted price. Once the design work is done on your album, order a 5x5, 8x8, or 10x10 identical album for your mom, your kids or your purse! These small albums are an attractively priced gift – and sure to be treasured by anyone who receives one!

Duplicate 5x5’s are 25%,  8x8’s are 35% and 10x10’s are 40% of your original 10x10 album.

Insured shipping $25 for the first album.

$10 per additional album to the same address.  $

All album images are enhanced and retouched... Be beautiful!

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